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We are official distributors of the leading manufacturers of woodworking machinery, offering a wide range of new, high-quality equipment. Our catalog encompasses the latest technological innovations to enhance your production. Our commitment is to provide you with the most advanced and specialized tools.

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Internationally recognized in the manufacturing of CNCs and panel saws, supporting the industry with excellence, expertise, and cutting-edge technology.


Undisputed leader in the industry in the manufacturing of briquetters, crushers, and bagging machines. Thanks to its machines, significant savings are achieved on resources, thereby increasing profits.


Quality, innovation, and advanced technology in the manufacturing of all types of woodworking machinery, both for panels or solid wood, as well as for surface finishing and doors.


The experience that ModProcess has acquired over decades has allowed it to achieve considerable mastery in the industry, perfecting its cardboard box packaging machines to the highest level.


The experience and quality of Macmazza have brought its panel saws to the highest level in the wood industry.


Nº 1 manufacturer in China of all types of wood machinery.

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Machinery Gimeno positions itself as the leading company in the acquisition and commercialization of used machinery for the wood sector. Our extensive track record and deep market knowledge allow us to offer you a diversified selection of second-hand equipment, with the highest quality and reliability.

Discover unbeatable deals at Gimeno on our New Outlet Machinery. We offer top-quality equipment at highly competitive prices, so you can optimize your workflow and take your production to the next level without compromising on quality or profitability.


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