Retrofit of industrial woodworking machinery

Wood machinery RETROFIT

Don’t let your old machinery cost you money.

Issues with the industrial wood machinery in your company?

Don’t let your old machines limit your production.

Over the years, your machinery needs replacement parts or new features to maintain optimal performance. Otherwise, the result translates into a significant decrease in production.

If it has become obsolete and its poor performance is causing considerable time and money losses in your business, you are most likely looking for solutions.

Above all, you don’t want to risk having to stop production due to unexpected failures, which is why you need to take action.


 Your machinery needs a reconstruction that ensures optimal performance.


Retrofit: Save time and money by updating your woodworking machinery.

Improve your business’s productivity and quality with the power of Retrofitting.

Imagine how your business will perform when you breathe new life into your machines: creating new industrial applications, automating them, and enhancing their systems to achieve a more updated and modern production line.

 A sustainable alternative that respects the environment, extending the lifespan of your woodworking equipment while complying with regulations, without incurring additional costs for acquiring new machines.

Hire a specialized retrofitting company and transform your machinery into something practically new.

Our Retrofit service updates your machinery with the best technology available.

Stop imagining and make it possible.

This service requires resources, infrastructure, knowledge, and experience that are not accessible to just any company, so be careful when choosing.
A safe bet
Our service includes technicians, preventive maintenance, a team of technical support professionals, as well as extensive experience in this industrial sector.
We know that minimizing downtime in production lines is essential, and that the most important thing for your company is that everything works correctly.

Retrofitting with Gimeno for your carpentry machinery

Reduce downtime

Improves productivity

Increases reliability

Achieve maximum efficiency

How does our retrofit purchase process work?

Our “turnkey” service, the fastest, most affordable, and worry-free way.

Retrofit of industrial woodworking machinery

Initial Machinery Assessment

Analysis of components, systems, and overall conditions to determine areas in need of improvement.

Custom Retrofitting Design

Personalized plan that may include the incorporation of new technologies, automation systems, and more.

Component Acquisition

Procurement of necessary components for enhancements, including new sensors, controllers, software, and other technological devices.

Installation and Integration

Installation of new components and their integration into existing machinery.

Testing and Adjustmen

Thorough testing to ensure that the new components function correctly.

Training and Education

Training for company personnel on how to operate and maintain the machinery optimally and safely.

Ongoing Maintenance

Implementation of a preventive maintenance program to ensure maximum performance over time. Technical support services to address potential future issues.

Monitoring and Improvement

Implementation of a monitoring system to track machinery performance and make additional improvements as needed.

What machinery do you have that requires Retrofit?

Gimeno: Trust a specialized company in Retrofit of industrial woodworking machinery

With over a century of experience in the woodworking industry, at Gimeno, we have established ourselves as specialists in machinery specific to the sector.

We understand that our experience, infrastructure, and knowledge are essential for excellent retrofit work on your entire equipment. We advise and support you at each stage.
Whether you are looking for improved productivity, energy efficiency optimization, or the incorporation of new technologies, our solutions go beyond retrofitting.
We have developed a wide range of services designed to address any need that may arise in your company.

At Gimeno, industrial service worldwide

Dismantling, transport, and assembly

Technical advice

Do you need to produce more?

and renew your machinery now