Used Machinery Purchase

We buy your second-hand woodworking machinery

Negotiate and collaborate with a trusted and financially stable company in the world of woodworking.

Do you need to get rid of carpentry machinery that is no longer useful?

Your carpentry machines may no longer comply with safety regulations. They might be generating high maintenance costs due to vibration issues, noise, or loss of power in the motors. Perhaps you simply need liquidity or they are no longer useful to you.

If any of these situations sound familiar, consider recovering part of your investment and making more profitable decisions for your business.

Sell your second-hand machinery quickly

Selling this type of second-hand machinery can be quite a challenge. As time goes by, these machines end up losing some of their initial value.

Furthermore, finding interested buyers in this market can become a complicated task, and every day that passes costs you money.

When it comes to putting them back into operation in another workshop, in some cases, it’s necessary to undergo an audit and add the necessary elements to comply with regulations, which can further complicate the sale.

Sell quickly

Buy new machinery

Recover investment and gain space

We offer a trustworthy solution for the purchase of your woodworking machinery

We handle the purchasing process transparently and professionally, offering you a fair and competitive deal.

We buy used machinery directly to incorporate it into our stock. This results in a more efficient operation, eliminating any possible intermediaries and avoiding unnecessary loss of time and money.

Whether you want to sell a single machine or the entire company, regardless of their condition, we are prepared to meet your needs.

Our team provides professional, efficient, and tailored relationships from day one, ensuring the best experience and optimal results.

Sell your machinery.

How does our woodworking machinery purchasing process work?

Machine appraisal

Our team conducts a thorough examination of your company’s machines to provide you with a professional and accurate appraisal, determining their real market value. We present the appraisal without obligation, along with our purchase proposal.

Whether you need to sell a single machine or the entire company, we can make a direct purchase or connect you with interested buyers.

Used Machinery Purchase

Agreement and payment

Our technicians and expert sales representatives work closely with you to determine a fair and competitive price for each of your machines.

 Once we reach an agreement, we will make the payment prior to the collection of the machines, assuming all responsibility and management of the acquisition process.

Dismantling and transportation

Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we have been able to develop effective and secure methods for moving your machines or even the entire production and assembly line to our facilities.

Our services include the dismantling and transportation of your machinery to any part of the world, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free relocation with total peace of mind.

Free up space and
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Gimeno, a second-hand woodworking machinery buying and selling company

Forget about complications and worries when it comes to selling your machines. With us, you’ll get a fast and secure solution to recover part of your investment.

With over 50 years of experience in the woodworking industry, we specialize in buying and selling machinery in this sector.

Our extensive experience has provided us with the necessary knowledge to understand our customers’ needs, allowing us to create a comprehensive service specifically designed to assist your company.

We provide guidance and support in the buying, selling, or repair of your machinery, and we offer financing and valuation options. At Gimeno, we have solutions for any need that may arise in this area.

Used Machinery Purchase

At Gimeno, we are responsive to needs

At Gimeno, we prioritize complete transparency

At Gimeno, we conduct all our services with utmost professionalism

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