Machinery valuation

For a fair valuation of your assets

Do you need to know the exact value of your company’s wood machinery?

Maybe the valuation made by the insurance company does not meet your expectations.
Maybe you need a tax valuation to update your company’s balance sheet.
Perhaps you plan to divide the company and need to quickly determine the value of your assets for sale.
In any of these cases, it is advisable to take action as soon as possible, as machinery tends to depreciate.

You need a fair valuation and appraisal of wood machinery

Ensure your peace of mind and make informed decisions. Discover why an accurate appraisal of your machinery can be a great solution for your company.

For obtaining financing or any other strategic purpose.

Financial Clarity

Know the real value of your assets and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Strategic Planning

An accurate appraisal will allow you to make informed financial decisions to plan your future from a more reliable perspective.

Successful Negotiations

Working with precise data will help you negotiate your transactions and business agreements with confidence.

Tax Compliance

An accurate appraisal will ensure proper compliance with tax obligations.

of a proper valuation

A Fair Machinery Valuation with Gimeno for Wood

Machine valuation is not a simple task, which is why it is very important to choose the right company for this service.
After evaluation, our specialized experts in wood machinery valuation prepare a thorough report.
We provide accurate valuations based on the attributes and current functionality.
Fast Valuation

We optimize the process to provide you with results quickly and efficiently, respecting the value of your time.

Accurate Valuation

We use specialized methodologies and knowledge, ensuring an accurate valuation that reflects the real value of your assets.

Detailed Valuation

Every aspect of your machines will be meticulously evaluated and reflected in a detailed and comprehensive report for your peace of mind and decision-making.

Our steps in the valuation of machinery for your wood company

Information Gathering

Brand, model, year of manufacture, technical specifications, and overall condition.

Market Analysis

We research the current market to assess how similar equipment is being valued.

Technical Evaluation

Our experts inspect the machinery on-site, examining its condition, wear and tear, maintenance, and potential improvements.

Functional Analysis

We study its operation, production capacity, and contribution to production processes.

Report Delivery

We provide a complete report, including the valuation, methods used, and factors considered.

Legal Investigation

We verify associated legal documentation and any legal restrictions that may affect its value.


If necessary, we offer additional guidance on how to use the valuation in various contexts, such as transactions, financing, or strategic decisions.

Personalized Support

We’re available to answer your questions and provide support throughout the process.

we assess your machinery

In Gimeno, we specialize in comprehensive services and appraisal in the wood machinery sector

Get a precise and hassle-free valuation for your wood machinery equipment.

Trust in our experience in the sector and let us guide you through all stages, whether you are looking to increase your business’s efficiency or expand it.
Beyond appraisal, at Gimeno, we have developed a comprehensive set of services designed to address your needs in the wood industry.

Precise Valuation

Reliable Assessment

Professional Service

Do you need the best appraisal?