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Comeva cold plate presses, available at Gimeno Woodworking machinery

Apr 30, 2024 | Products

Comeva cold plate presses are designed to offer maximum durability finishes. It is a high quality machine manufactured in Spain at an affordable price.

These cold plate presses are available in 2 models and various sizes to meet the different needs of production lines. They stand out for their high resistance and solid structure. They are equipped with a high pressure hydraulic system that guarantees an efficient and long lasting pressing.


Comeva cold plate presses: technical features

Comeva cold plate presses offer precise and safe operation thanks to their intuitive control panel and advanced safety system. They are equipped with solid plates for increased machine durability, resistance to high temperatures and pressure, guaranteeing a perfect finish.

The machine’s integrated rack and pinion system facilitates precise, oscillation-free vertical movement of the moving platen. A perimeter safety device stops the movement of the platen at any instant, ensuring a quiet and protected working environment.

The electrical section, with the control panel, is on the right side of the machine. It includes an automatic pressure balancing device to maintain a constant pressure during the process.

The hydraulic system consists of a series of Ø65mm pistons capable of exerting a maximum pressure of up to 40 tonnes, driven by a high performance hydraulic pump with a power of 4kw.


Contact us, the GIMENO woodworking machinery specialists will give you all the details of the Comeva cold plate presses and will advise you on how to increase the performance of your production line.