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Roller Calender Press CLR/2 OSAMA, available in GIMENO Woodworking Machinery

Apr 5, 2024 | Products

The roller calender press CLR/2 OSAMA, available at GIMENO Woodworking machinery, is the ideal pressing solution for multiple types of panels and materials.
This press exerts a variable pneumatic pressure up to 10Kg/cm2. It applies the right pressure on various panels and coatings, optimising your production with precision, efficiency and speed.
It is an ideal machine for multiple jobs such as the decoration of doors, the assembly of sponges and mattresses, the covering of wooden floors, parquet and insulating walls, among many other types of work.



OSAMA CLR/2 roller calender press: technical features

Manufactured with first class materials, the OSAMA CLR/2 roller calender press guarantees optimum performance and exceptional durability:

  • Pressure is exerted by pistonsmounted on the upper part of the sliding support structure, to regulate the thickness of the panels. In this way, the pressure remains constant, even when the thickness of the panels varies.
  • Rollerscan be rubberised, in special rubber, or low thickness chrome coatings.
  • Reliability and strengthare combined to offer the best experience in the working process. The working direction of the rollers is reversed to the front to achieve a uniform pressure of the laminate and a good feeding of the panels.
  • Complementary accessories: upper roll holder with clamp brake and transmission rollers, mechanical or electronic speed variator with display on the control panel, automatic lifting of the upper roll with digital position reference with display.
  • Additional features: installed power (1.1 kw), working widths (800 / 1000 / 1400 / 1600 / 1800 / 2000mm), working thickness (from 0 to 100mm), number of rollers (2), roller diameter (300 mm), working plane height (900mm +/- 20mm), pressure exerted (10 Kg/cm2).

Contact us for more detailed information about the OSAMA CLR/2 roller calender press. GIMENO’s woodworking machinery specialists will advise you on how to optimise your production line.