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Panel saw Comeva SC-400/3200 range, available in Gimeno Maquinaria para Madera

Jun 3, 2024 | Featured

Gimeno is a distributor of the main brands of woodworking machinery. The SC-400/3200 Comeva line of panel saws guarantees smoothness and precision in the longitudinal cutting of various materials and is capable of a heavy workload.

Panel saw for wood: Comeva SC-400/3200 features

The main features of the Comeva SC-400/3200 panel saws for wood are listed below:

  • Working unit. It is equipped with motors with aluminium casing to reduce weight and avoid misalignment, including a 7Kw main motor and scoring motor. The SC-400/3200 Automatic model includes a tilting motor and an up/down motor.
  • Rip Fence. Located on the function table and sliding along a 50mm chrome-plated steel bar, it acts as a cutting stop, including clamping, millimetre adjustment and precision digital display.
  • Control panel. Includes RPM indicators, digital tilt display, grade and height selectors, disc start and stop buttons, emergency stop button, emergency stop button and electrical connection status light.
  • Safety features. Electric motor brake, doors with safety bolts, emergency mushrooms, terminal box, lockable switch, blade protection cover, safety micro on the cutting bonnet, suction and kickback protection systems.
  • Aluminium carriage. Constructed from anodised and hardened aluminium, it uses prismatic guides for high wear resistance, and incorporates a top clamping front knob and angle measuring mechanism for accurate and safe cuts.
  • Cast iron table. 1025×685 with wear-resistant chrome plating and nut adjustment points for precise adjustment.
  • Front support table.The sliding table is included with the sliding table, ideal for working with special workpieces.- Rear side table.The machines incorporate two supplementary tables (690x755mm and 1020x685mm) located at the rear and side to support oversized parts, providing greater support surface for the operator.
  • Cross cut tray. With millimetric guide and inclination, 3-metre telescopic guide with mobile stops, and a metal roller to improve the movement of the parts. Optionally, digital displays can be incorporated in the fence.


Contact us to find out all the details of the Comeva SC-400/3200 range of panel saws. Our specialist woodworking machinery technicians will advise you on how to increase the performance of your production line.