PANEL SAW SC-315/2600 (380V 3PH)

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Technical characteristics

Sliding table dimension@2600 x 360mm|Cast iron table dimension@800 x 530mm|Extension auxiliary table@800 x 820mm|Extension auxiliary table (rea@440 x 530mm|Total table size@ – |Round rail@ – |Blade / spindle@315mm/30mm|Max. Cut at 90º@100mm|Max. Cut at 45º@70mm|Main motor power@4 kw|Main blade speed (R.p.m)@4000 rpm|Scoring Motor Wower@0,75 kw|Scoring saw blade bore@120mm / 20mm|Scoring blade motor power@ – |Main blade speed (R.p.m)@8000 rpm|Cutting width@1250 mm|Cutting width adjustment@Manual|Main saw blade tilting adjustm@Manual|Main saw blade height adjustme@Manual|Motorized scoring saw adjustme@ – |Tilt@ – |Dust collector@ – |Net weight@575 kg|Packaging dimensions (body)@2300x1160x1160mm|Packaging dimensions (sliding table)@2960x470x210mm|Gross weight (body)@557 kg|Gross weight (sliding table)@106 kg




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