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Technical characteristics

TECHNICAL DATA@ – | Working width: 401350mm@40-1350mm| Minimum piece length: 390mm@390mm| Sanding thickness: 3100mm@3-100mm| Sanding band size: 1370 x 2620 mm@1370x2620mm| Air pressure : 0.4 0.8 Mpa@0.4-0.8 Mpa| Compressed air consumption: 5m3 /min@5 m3/h| Machine weight: 5700 Kg@5700 Kg| Suction intake: >25m/s@>25m/s|ENGINE POWER@ – | Engine power first group sanding: 30 kw@30 Kw| Engine power second group sanding: 22 kw@22 Kw| Engine power third group sanding: 15 kw@15 Kw| Drive motor power: 4 kw@4 Kw| Brushed motor power: 0.37 Kw@0.37 Kw| Lifting motor power: 0.37 Kw@0.37 Kw|WORKING SPEED@ – | Feed speed: 525 m/min, variable speed@5-25m/min| Speed of first group sanding: 23m/s@23m/s| Speed second group sanding: 23m/s@23m/s| Speed third group sanding: 12m/s@12m/s|WORKING GROUPS@ – |1 Steel roller@240mm|2 Rubber roller@240mmØ 65sh|3 Rubber roller@320mm Ø 4sh| Cleaning roller at the outlet@si


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