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Technical characteristics

THE COMPOSITION OF THE LINES :@-|INPUT TRANSFER@-|Measurements@2500 x 1655 x 800mm|Speed@6-20 m/min|Number of rolls@13|Roll diameter@60mm|Aligner@Si|@ – |CLEANING@ – |Dimensions@1700 x 750 x 650mm|Speed@6-20 m/min|Type of cleaner@Longitudinal brush|Motor power@1.84 Kw|@ – |GLUING MACHINE@ – |Medium@2050 x 1450 x 800mm|Speed@5-20 m/min|Length of the piece@500-3000mm|Workpiece width@500-1300mm|Motor power@2.2 Kw|@ – |TRANSFER WITH BLADE AND THERMAL MAGAZINE@ – |Dimensions@2000 x 1655 x 1000mm|Speed@6-20m/min|Motor power@1.5 kw|Number of rollers@13|Roller diameter@60mm|Heating method@infrared lamps|Number of lamps@6 pcs|Total lamp power@9 kw|Total installed power@10.5 kw|Weight@525 kg|@ – |PRESS CALENDER@-|Dimensions@2050 x 1496 x 2600mm|Speed@5-20 m/min|Length of the part@500-3000mm|Workpiece width@500-1300mm|Workpiece thickness@3-50mm|Roller diameter@240mm|Type of pressure rollers@2 rubber+ 2 steel heated|Heating method@resistences|Power resistors@4.5 kw|Power transmission motor@2.2 kw|@ – |TRANSFER OUTPUT@ – |Dimensions@2500 x 1655 x 800mm|Speed@6-20 m/min|Number of rollers@13|Roller diameter@60mm|Power@1.5 kw|Weight@265 kg|@ – |@ – |Technical data Line :@-|Minimum panel length@500mm|Maximum panel length@Unlimited|Panel thickness@3-50mm|Maximum panel width@1220mm|Feed speed@5-20m/min|Total power@11 kw|Line dimensions@11800 x 2100 x 1700mm|Total weight@5500 Kg


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