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Finger Joint line for wood

Feb 1, 2019 | Products

In the woodworking machinery sector, the Finger Joint assembly is the method of longitudinal joining of two pieces of solid wood or material derived from it, recognized as the most stable method. It is applied to produce very long pieces of wood or to cut knots or defects that reduce stability.

Finger Joint assemblies allow joining short wood pieces to get a longer one that could basically have and endless length. It is assembly made in the longitudinal direction with high resistance, which is then always stuck. Thanks to the continuous passage between both joined pieces, it has a high resistance to bending.

Finger Joint machine functionality

The main function of the joint type with Finger Joint machine is wood optimization and sanitation getting with this, a wood without knots and greater length and stability. In this way, these pieces can be joined together longitudinally to form a larger surface board or manufacturing laminated beams.

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