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Cursal TRSI optimising cross-cut sawing machine at Gimeno Woodworking Machinery

Jan 11, 2023 | Products

Gimeno woodworking machinery presents the optimizing cross-cut saw Cursal TRSI 90º cut. This high performance optimizing crosscut sawing machine allows cutting Ø600 and Ø700. It is a robust, automatic and optimizing machine.

The Cursal TRSI optimising cross-cut saw is the perfect solution for large dimension cuts, as well as for processing beech boards.

In addition to optimal cutting of wide boards, its cutting height allows it to cut beams and packaging parts.

This machine also stands out for its high working speed, as it has an automatic pusher with a single block structure that reaches a maximum speed of 100/200 (mt/sec).

Tronzadora optimizadora Cursal Maquinaria Gimeno

It also allows production to be increased, considerably reducing time and costs thanks to its loading and unloading functions. The Cursal TRSI optimising cross-cut saw is equipped with customised loaders (automatic horizontal chain feeder, with or without singulator, specific for pusher) and a complete group of ejectors (CNC 2/100 DE SEG fast ejector, very high speed non-contact ejector and ejector for board packs).

If you want to know more details about the Cursal TRSI optimising cross-cut sawing machine, contact Gimeno Maquinaria para Madera, our technical specialists will advise you.