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CNC for wood Nicron 2C Comeva available at GIMENO

Jan 24, 2024 | News, Products

Comeva’s Nicron 2C CNC for wood is available at GIMENO, official distributor of the best brands of woodworking machinery.

This CNC, with a rigid and robust structure, is designed to work accurately, quickly and smoothly on wood and similar materials. It is a versatile machine available in different models (13/26, 13/32, 21/32, 21/38), to meet the needs of the production line in which it is installed.


Comeva Nicron 2C CNC woodworking machine: technical features

The Nicron 2C from Comeva Woodworking Machinery has a 9 kW milling motor with automatic tool change and a second free descent to equip it with a milling motor or drilling head. The optional heads available are listed below:

  • Head A. 5 vertical drills in X-axis.
  • Head B. 8 vertical drills, of which 6 in X-axis and 2 in Y-axis; and one saw in X-axis.
  • Head C. 5 vertical drills in X-axis and 4 in Y-axis, 4 horizontal drills in X-axis and 4 in Y-axis.
  • Head D. 6 vertical drills in X axis, and 3 in Y axis, 4 horizontal drills in X axis and 2 in Y axis; and a saw in X axis.
  • Head E. 0º and 90º cuts.
  • Vertical milling motor. Power from 4,5 Kw to 705Kw.
  • Double exit milling motor. For work on both sides of the workpiece.


Productivity: high output and working efficiency

The machine is equipped with an electric motor with cooling by an electric fan mounted on the Z-axis and a speed of 24000 rpm. It runs on linear guides and pre-loaded recirculating ball bearing slides.

The table is also equipped with a numerically-controlled, grooved, phenolic material grid table with 4 independent vacuum zones. It includes a 10 mm high vacuum chamber for optimum workpiece clamping, as well as 12 retractable stops in 4 areas for precise reference.

Its many technical features also include automatic lubrication, 4 servomotors with gearboxes, a tool magazine with 6 positions and a tool gauge.


Software and management panel

The Comeva Woodworking Machinery Nicron 2C has a control panel with an 18″ touch screen PC. It is intuitive, allows to load programs quickly, control movements and receive remote assistance.

This equipment is managed with practical and simple software. The Unacam V11 CAD/CAM software with postprocessor is specially designed for converting jobs into the machine language. It allows to repeat paths along the way and to repeat a job in matrix form. In addition, it has an autonesting function to process the material efficiently.


Contact GIMENO Woodworking Machinery to find out all the technical details of Comeva’s Nicron 2C. Our technical specialists will advise you on the ideal machinery to increase the performance and efficiency of your production line.