Power 7.5 kw
Sae blade Ø 700
Cutting heights 150(H) x 450(W) / 225(H) x 250(W)
Working plane height 900 +-20mm
Ø extyraction hose 140+120mm
Air compsumption 260
Noise level <80
Feeding speed 100/200
Cutting guide height 140mm
Horizontal pneumatic aligner Yes, before saw
Pneumatic saw blade presser Yes, travel 150mm
Flat iron exit table 2200mm
Approximate length dimensions 9500mm
CE safety Yes
Mechanical protection with level 2 light barriers Yes
Total protection Yes
Access door to moving parts Yes
Cylinder with rubber sineblok to reduce noise Yes
Saw motor with quick brake Yes
Drop-by-drop air lubricator Yes
Safety limit switch for full opening protection Yes
Access to saw blade prevented by rear suction pipe Yes